Back in our building 

Update (January 2021): Although places of worship are allowed to open and we have been meeting in person since July 2020, we are now strongly recommending that you try to participate in church online if you are able to. A short service will take place in the building but this is only intended for those unable to access our online services.  See here for more details.

We have opened up our doors again and are meeting for services on a Sunday morning, however, we are continuing to make our service available online for those who are not able to or are not advised to come to church at the moment.  

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are some things we will have to do differently. The video will tell you everything you need to know!  Please note, we will be filming the services and uploading them as soon as possible afterwards for those continuing to shield themselves, so don’t worry about missing out if that’s you. Please bear in mind government advice before attending and also that it is now mandatory to wear a facemark at a place of worship.

If you have any questions about the church building reopening please contact

For more information about our plans to reopen please check out the links to our Risk Assessment and Question & Answer document.