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'You matter!' 
our recent Mission Theme

Even though our mission 
has concluded, everyone still matters...

We present below (in blue) the full text of a
leaflet which was delivered twice
to every home in Summerstown parish when we presented the theological case that everyone matters despite what 
happens in the world around us...

You can't help noticing that no one seems to care nowadays about anyone
apart from themselves.

The pace of modern life often demonstrates
that people don’t matter.

Not that it's all bad.
Sometimes London can be a vibrant place with lots of opportunities for people of all ages.
At other times—when the news is grim—our
city becomes a place of gloom.
We are advised to take care so that we do not become victims of crime. People seldom look you in the eye—unless of course you are a lottery winner, then, suddenly you matter to everyone!


Our community has changed and
not necessarily for the better.
Life is not as convenient as it once was.
Our local police station has been closed
as have our post offices.
We have lost the convenience of 
gas and electricity showrooms.
Driving in London is suddenly very expensive.
When you telephone a company or a business to pay your bills or complain, you are often held in a queue while you listen to
their music at your expense.
And it can be so annoying when a voice says
your call is important to them.
It’s a battle to get things done.

No wonder modern life turns us into
grumpy individuals.
There is such a lot to complain about.
As a consequence we may wonder from
time to time if we matter.

We are members of St Mary’s
(Church of England) in Wimbledon Road. 
This parish is called Summerstown.
We are part of the community
and some of us have lived here for many years.
We believe that everyone matters, despite what happens around us, everyone has importance,
value and significance.
No one is expendable.
Everyone is to be treated with respect by
everyone else because everyone matters.

As a local Christian congregation, we can think of many reasons why you matter.

For example:

• You matter because you were created by God.

• Its because you matter that Jesus died on
a cross for people like you.
The death and resurrection of Jesus means
that you are worth dying for
and worth living for.

• Because you matter, you can be forgiven.
You are worth forgiving no matter what
has happened in the past.

• It's because people matter that there is a time coming when Jesus will return to put right all the unfairness we see in the world.

We do not want to force our beliefs on anyone.
It just seems to us that we would do well to think carefully about the Christian faith
in order to keep ourselves
renewed and hopeful for the future.

We would simply like to create local discussions about how people treat and regard one another.
No one has any right to put you down or to
diminish your self-esteem with
their bad behaviour and rudeness.
We would like to see an end to bad manners and impatience, violence and rudeness which are considered by many
to be the cool options for problem solving.
We would like our parish to be a peaceful place, a desirable place, where we all enjoy a good quality of life and get on well together.
Attitudes like respect, tolerance and
friendliness should never go out of fashion.

Our aim is for good life choices to be considered which are worth adopting,
because we all matter to God and to each other.
You matter!

2007 © The Parochial Church Council of St Mary's Summerstown